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Get In Depth with Email Marketing by Picking All My Secrets I've Learned Over the Last 20 Years Without Spending Years of Trial and Failure Like I Did

What if you could get into email marketing today and know that whenever you pushed "Send" you could expect money to come in?

Well, that's my reality, even though I have a tiny list. And when other marketers talk about their "small list," they call 2,000-3,000 subscribers a small list. Mine is less than 1,000 with less than 200 of these in the money-online niche.

And yet, it's thanks to those lists that I've stayed free and without a job since June 1995.

Where Most People Fail

They don't know how to write emails that their subscribers will love.

Even worse: they think they write good emails, but in reality they write the same bland emails that every other marketer does.

And then they don't understand why they make less and less money.

Or they blame their list: They are simply not taking action.

Or: My list is too old. It's dead.

(Hint: There is no such thing as a too old list. Whoever says that writes bad emails.)

Here's the Simple Formula

Send engaging emails + Promote great products = Good income

Like any formula... if you multiply the factors, your result will grow, too.

Meaning, if more of your emails are engaging, and you have a bigger list, then you'll make even better income.

If you're wondering how you can learn how to write engaging emails, then I've got you covered.

Allow me proudly to present...

Just finished "Show, Don't Tell" and am blown away by how clear you've presented everything.

You've put together a gem of a course on how to write more effective emails.

Anyone who wants to make more sales should pick this up immediately.

~ Evan Kelly

When You Get my Email Treasure Chest

You can use my 20+ years of experience to reach success faster and better than by using any other route.

And you'll have fun doing so.

It rarely takes me more than 10 minutes to write an email. If it does, there are one of two reasons:

  • I chose to procrastinate instead (and I'm getting better at avoiding it)
  • I had nothing planned, so I'm a mess... (planning ahead for the win)

Your first emails may take you longer to write but over time, you'll be just as fast, or faster, than me.

Email Treasure Chest Contains...

  • Create Irresistible Emails ($49)
  • Show Don’t Tell in Emails ($49)
  • Story Journal Notion Template ($29)
  • List Building with Britt ($29)
  • SIBOC (First version of Create Irresistible Emails ($27)
  • Small List Email Maestro ($27)
  • Lord of the Emails ($9.99)
  • If Looks Could Kill Your Sales ($9.99)
  • Fairy Tale Marketing ($9.99)
  • Email Alchemist
  • More to come... (and yes, you'll get access to updates)


  • Email marketers who want results.
  • People who want to make a living online.
  • List owners who care about their subscribers.
  • Anybody who wants to work less and obtain more.

    Disclaimer: Your results are not guaranteed.


  • Links to the above mentioned info products that you can download when you want
  • Lifetime access to updates, even if I increase the price later.

You'll receive download instructions directly in your email inbox.

This is a digital product. All sales are final.


You'll get direct access to the bundle, no matter what time of the day or night you're buying this.

If the PayPal option doesn't show up (seems to be a new glitch) then just click to change payment method and it will show.


Britt Malka quit her day job in 1995 and has been independent ever since. She has made a living online since 2000 and loves every bit of it.

She's done email marketing since around 2000. You can still find her first email online for a "new" list from March 2003.

She creates courses, eBooks, and more to help her students obtain the same lifestyle she has: A life in full freedom.

For all my action takers - see you inside ✌️

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Show Don’t Tell in Emails
Story Journal Notion Template
List Building with Britt
SIBOC Email Template
Small List Email Maestro
Lord of the Emails
If Looks Could Kill Your Sales
Fairy Tale Marketing
Email Alchemist

Email Treasure Chest

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