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I'm Going to Show You a Method that Anyone Can Use to Create Info Products that Sell... Without Spending Hours Daily (and Even Without Previous Experience)

If any of the following sounds familiar, you need to read this:

  • Have you tried all the money-making methods the gurus sell to you, knowing something is missing?
  • Have you considered creating a product or a course but you have no special knowledge to share?
  • Do you feel like a turtle in a race full of rabbits?

You're not alone in your struggle. And there's help to get.

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I used to say a loud and clear "yes" to all three of the above questions.

English isn't my first language, I didn't make thousands of dollars daily, or knew how to knit a sweater in one hour...

So how could I possibly have anything to share in an info product?

For way longer than I like to think of, I didn't even consider the idea.

  • I didn't think I had experience or knowledge worth sharing.
  • I had no idea about how to write a sales page.
  • I had no connections. Nobody to become an affiliate. Nothing.

I was stuck and I needed something to change.

Because I neither wanted or could get a job, I depended on an online income. And doing only a little blogging didn't bring in much.

Courses Didn't Help Me

You know those kind of courses that just says, "Create a freebie, give it away, grow your list, and make money"?

I got lots of those.

If they explained how to create said freebie, they would often just say, "Use PLR."

Back then, I didn't even know where to find decent PLR. The ones I found was cheap and bad.

The last thing you want is to have your brand associated with cheap and bad.

What Changed?

Two things changed.

The first one was that instead of waiting for an idea to drop fully formed into my head, I began to think, "What if...?" and came up with a vague idea.

The second one was that I joined a $200 workshop that promised that by the end of it, we would have our first info product created. When the course creator told me that my idea was good enough to run with, it gave me the confidence I needed to create my first info product.

And it sold, too.

Since then, I've created hundreds of products, and for each new product, I've tweaked the process a little to make it better every time.

And now I'm sharing my method with you.

Allow me proudly to present...

When you get Create Info Products That Sell you will discover how to create an eBook or course that can make you money in as soon as 1-2 weeks... Even when you're only working on it 1 hour a day.

Imagine how you would feel when you've created this info product.

Could you use the extra money?

While I've created info products that sell less than others, I've also created info products that sold several hundred copies within the first week.

Every creation has been worth it to me.

How valuable will it be for you when you can create new products at will?

And I never spend more than 1-2 hours daily working on new products. Never.

I have other things to do, and I'm guessing that you have, too.

Inside Create Info Products That Sell You'll Discover...

  • The main secret to getting a lot done (page 4)
  • And how to remember it (grin) (page 5)
  • Drool-worthy examples of people I personally know who make a lot of money with info products (pages 5 ff.)
  • How to build a new habit (page 11)
  • Picking a niche (pages 12 ff.)
  • The four words you must internalize and use. ALWAYS (page 16)
  • Where to find your topic (pages 17 ff.)
  • Where to have almost instant ideas for follow-up info products (pages 25 f.)
  • What kind of products you can create (and a present for you) page 26)
  • How to outline your eBook (and why you should) (pages 28 ff.)
  • How to create your product and do it fast and well without risking burn-out (pages 33 ff.)
  • The five words my mentor gave me that changed my life (page 36)
  • How to turn your info product into PDF (hint: Nobody wants to receive a Word document or Google Doc) (pages 37 f.)
  • What you really need (page 39)

Everything You'll Discover Will Be...

  • Easy to implement
  • Fast to get started with (like, start today)
  • Ground-breaking and can change your life forever.


  • Online marketers who want results.
  • People who want to make a living online.
  • People who care about creating good info products.

    Disclaimer: Your results are not guaranteed.


  • A no-fluff 41-page eBook showing exactly how you can come up with an idea and create an info product in less than 2 weeks, working no more than 1 hour daily.
  • Lifetime access to updates, even if I increase the price later.

You'll receive instructions to download your eBook directly in your email inbox.

This is a digital product. All sales are final.


You'll get direct access to the course, no matter what time of the day or night you're buying this.

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Britt Malka quit her day job in 1995 and has been independent ever since. She has made a living online since 2000 and loves every bit of it.

She creates courses, eBooks, and more to help her students obtain the same lifestyle she has: A life in full freedom.

For all my action takers - see you inside ✌️

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Create Info Products That Sell

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