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Are You Still Struggling to Get New Leads With Free Baits? Discover How I Got 151 Subscribers in 24 Hours
With an Opening Rate of 74.85% for That First Mail

Two people even created support tickets, because they hadn’t received the mail.

►Are you sick and tired of giving your best and nobody cares enough to even open your mails?

►Do you struggle with squeeze pages, free e-books or videos, and new “subscribers” hand you a fake email address?

►How are you supposed to build a list when “free” is worthless these days?

Hello fellow struggling list-builder,

Britt here.

I bet, I’m not alone when I say that it’s becoming hard to make people sign up for a free gift these days.

And yet, that’s what most experienced Internet marketers tell you to do.

“Set up a squeeze page, create a freebie, and get sign-ups.”

If only it was THAT easy nowadays.

But it isn’t.

“Just give people some cheap PLR you buy.”

“Package a few articles and a bunch of affiliate links, and you have a free lead bait.”

Advice like that ruined it for marketers who wanted to show their best side to new subscribers.

Now, if you set up a freebie, a lead magnet... Visitors will see it and think, “Free? That’s because it’s worthless.”

And they will either not sign up, or give you a fake email address, or sign up but not even read the book you’re giving them.

How are you supposed to convince them about the quality of your work, and the integrity of your emails, if your subscribers don’t read what you send them?

Personally, I was this close to giving up email marketing. (Holding up thumb and index finger, pressed together.)

I had been writing mails about computer tips to Danes, making around $2,000 on autopilot.

If my opening rate fell below 85%, I threatened to quit writing, and I would get hundreds of “I’m sorry” mails from repenting sinners.

So imagine the shock I got when I started to write about Internet marketing in English, and my opening rate was around 10%.

This Is Not a Money-Online Niche Related Problem Only

My ex writes about psychology in French. His subscribers have been on his list for years, and he has a very high opening rate on his mails.

A few years ago, he wrote an excellent e-book about how to boost your willpower to give away as a lead magnet.

Few signed up to get the book, and most of the new subscribers unsubscribed the first time they got a mail from him.

Instead of treating it as a valuable gift, they saw it as something they got for free, and thus worthless.

Is this the kind of subscribers you would want?

Probably not.

Imagine spending energy or money getting traffic, and when people finally sign up, then they only stay long enough to get your free gift, and then they unsubscribe?

(If you’re lucky. In many cases they just keep hanging there, but without ever opening your mails.)

I don’t know about you, but I was fed up with that situation.

And I decided to do something about it.

So, I combined two individual ideas and I was very happy about the result.

It solved several problems:

  • It made me able to give something away for free and make my new subscribers aware of the value anyway.
  • The law of reciprocity means that people will want to give back.
  • New subscribers gave their real email address, not a throwaway email, because they wanted to make sure they got my mails.
  • The opening rate went through the roof. 74.85% opened the first mail. I even had two people creating support tickets because they hadn’t received the mail from me.
  • For beginners, this method is ideal. People won’t have to buy from them. You can let your subscribers get to know, like and trust you, without first taking their money, which is difficult.

Immediately after I started using this system, I got several “thank you” mails from new subscribers, who loved my initiative.

And as an extra plus, I made $112.36 already within the first 24 hours, in spite of this being a tiny list.

That’s the Power of This System

I know that a lot of people are struggling to build a list. And since I’ve been preaching forever about the importance of having a list, I decided to write down my method and share it with whoever wanted to gain the advantage of giving something away for free, and yet have it perceived as valuable.

That’s why I created...

List-Building with Britt

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to pick a profitable niche, a must if you want to succeed.
  • The easy-peasy way to create this special kind of landing page.
  • Which things you must prepare before you open up the gates for a flood of subscribers.
  • A free platform that will help you get traffic… targeted traffic, for free.
  • Your secret sauce. The one thing that makes this system so unique, and which make it work!
  • Ideas for how you can send targeted traffic to your offer. I’ll show you exactly what worked for me (free and cheap) and the (expensive) solution that didn’t.

The product is delivered in a PDF file, you can read at your own pace with free readers. This means that if you’re waiting in line you can even read it on your smart-phone. You can print it out, read it on your computer, or on your tablet (which is my favorite choice).

Who’s This Product Ideal For?

This is not for everyone, but if you can say “yes” to any of the statements below, it’s an ideal product for you:

You want to build a list, but haven’t succeeded yet.

►You’ve tried offering a free bait, but nobody took it.

You want to grow your list with quality subscribers.

►You’re looking forward to having a good relationship with your subscribers.

You don’t see subscribers as cash cows but human beings you’ll love to help.

►You realize that a list is one of your most important assets.

Who’s This Product NOT For?

Like I said, this product is not for everyone. Maybe it’s not for you? If the following describes you closely, there’s no reason to get this product, because it won’t help you anyway:

►You’re looking for the latest shiny new object and expect everything in a book to be brand new, untested, and never heard of before.

You love collecting products without reading them or taking action.

►You buy products, skim the headlines and ask for a refund within a couple of minutes.

Nothing is ever your responsibility. If you fail, it’s because of bad luck, your parents, the society, an ancient Nordic god or something else outside of you.

►You don’t really believe you can succeed at anything, so why bother?

In Other Words: This Product Is For Winners - Do’ers

Yes, if you read this product and take action, it will help you.

Yes, you’ll have to do some work to build your list, but the work will be fun (or you can outsource it), and it’s definitely worth it.

Yes, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts - happy subscribers, more money on your bank account.

Yes, You Have a Choice…

You can get List-Building with Britt today, put in a little work the following days, grow your list, build a great relationship with your subscribers, and make money.

Or you can walk away, do what you’ve always have done, and keep hoping for a product that shows you where to find the push-button that will make you rich overnight.

Make your choice.

Click the button at the top right corner, take responsibility for the direction you’re leading your life into, and discover a clever tool to build your list.

PS - If you’re not sure this is for you, don’t hesitate to contact me. I answer all questions personally. Just go to my support desk and I’ll get back to you.

PPS - If you’ve been struggling to build a list using a free bait, this product will help you thanks to the secret sauce nobody else is teaching you about.

This product is not currently for sale.


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List-Building with Britt

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