Write Compelling Emails

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Discover how to write compelling emails that will get opens, clicks and sales.

Finally put an end to getting no reactions to your emails, no replies and certainly no sales either. When you sign up for my "Write Compelling Emails," a 5-day email course, you'll almost instantly get:

  • More opens and reads, even if you're a brand new email marketer and your audience doesn't know you (day 2)
  • More clicks… Clicks matters more than open rates. If you get no clicks you get no sales. What you'll discover inside the course will make those clicks possible (day 4)
  • The one thing that all successful email copywriters include in their emails… and you may not even have noticed because it can be stealth and subtle and still work wonders (day 3)
  • What you must know before you're starting or you'll fail no matter what else you do - and how you get to know that thing (day 1)
  • The one thing you must have in mind when choosing your "from" name, writing your subject line, typing into the body of your email and even when you're writing your call to action… Fail on this one in one of those places and your whole email will fail (day 5)


  • People who want to get results from their emails
  • Individuals looking to make more money spending only 15-30 minutes per day
  • Anybody who wants to learn the secrets and improve their skills with email copywriting
  • Disclaimer: Your results are not guaranteed.


  • A 5-day email course directly to your inbox (so make sure you double-check your email address when you sign up.
  • Direct access to me if you have any questions at all about the course. You don't have to be alone on your journey. I'm never longer than a click away.
  • All the knowledge you need to get off to a good start with your emails (or to restart from scratch) so you can finally stop the struggle and start to make that $1/subscriber/month everybody talks about (by the way THAT amount can get a LOT higher)
  • Certainty that when you follow what you learn during these five days and do the action steps, you'll send the best emails possible to your list

You'll receive your the email course directly to your email inbox. So make sure to 1) type in the correct email address and your name and
2) allow Gumroad to send you emails.

This is a digital product. All sales are final.


Britt Malka quit her day job in 1995 and has been independent ever since. She has made a living online since 2000 and loves every bit of it.

She creates courses, eBooks, and more to help her students obtain the same lifestyle she has: A life in full freedom.

For all my action takers - see you inside ✌️

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You'll get a 5-day email course directly to your inbox (so make sure you double-check your email address when you sign up.


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Write Compelling Emails

17 ratings
I want this!