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Discover [main benefit]

Finally, [obtain these points]

  • benefit 1
  • benefit 2
  • benefit 3
  • benefit 4
  • benefit 5

WHO IS THIS [course/eBook/checklist] FOR

  • People who want [something it delivers]
  • Individuals looking to [something it delivers]
  • Anybody who wants to [something it delivers]
  • Disclaimer: Your results are not guaranteed.


  • A [checklist/eBook/5 day email course/video/Notion template].
  • bullet 1 - so that
  • bullet 2 - so that
  • bullet 3 - so that

You'll receive your [lead magnet] directly to your email inbox. So make sure to
1) type in the correct email address and your name and
2) allow Gumroad to send you emails.

This is a digital product. All sales are final.


[something about you, relevant for this lead magnet AND things that will let your customer know more about you. I often write about my dog or playing World of Warcraft]

For all my action takers - see you inside ✌️

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Test Product

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